Abundant Living By Design


Custom Design

 Our homes are created using the strength and warmth of traditional timber framing with the gold standard in thermal efficiency, SIPS or Structural Insulated Panels. Using the highest quality enclosure materials, we achieve a tight, weatherproof and structurally superior home. We believe that the details of your home and the quality of materials is what truly matters. Choose from a variety of homes designed to fit your individual needs and taste. The level of attention, craftsmanship and detail that goes into the interior of your tiny timber home is unparalleled. Efficient storage, artistic touches, quality hardware and finishes make every home special. Our thoughtful designs will improve your life while minimizing your footprint. Discover the joy of energy independence and financial freedom. 


Tiny Timber Home Shell


If you are one of our future home owners with a strong do-it-yourself attitude, we are happy to provide a jump start on your journey to building your very own tiny home. All of our customizable shells are built to your specification. They come in a variety of widths, heights and lengths. 

What’s Included: Structural insulated panel system, roof, walls and floor enclosure, energy efficient windows and doors, trailer and your choice of exterior roofing, siding and trim features.

Structural Insulated Panels


There are several different ways to build a house, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. The most common approach is called ‘stick-built’, which refers to the 2x dimensional lumber used to construct a wall. Stick-built walls, which are comprised of the dimensional lumber, sheathing, and insulation, are normally assembled at the location of the structure being built. An alternative approach to building residential and light commercial structures are called SIPs (or what are sometimes referred to as tiny house SIP panels).

SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) are a wall system that consists of an insulating foam core, sandwiched between two pieces of sheathing. SIPs are built in a factory and only assembled at the build site.

Advantages of SIPs

SIP’s have some distinct advantages over traditional building techniques.

Energy Efficiency

The main advantage to using SIP’s is their high energy efficiency. By eliminating most of the wood from the wall panel, which is not a good insulator, SIP’s have more room for insulation. The foam insulation used in SIP’s also has one of the highest R-Values (the measure of insulation’s effectiveness) of the available insulation materials. This combination results in a highly energy efficient wall system.

Speed of Build

Because SIP panels are not constructed on the job site, they require less work to assemble. The panels come in different sizes based on the house design, but need only to be attached to each other to complete a wall. This can make the building of the exterior walls and roof to go very quickly. 


SIPs are manufactured in a controlled factory environment usually by robotic equipment. This makes for a very consistent and precise product.